PTLVS004 | Black Acid / Vida Vojić

by Punctum Tapes



Recorded live at Punctum - Krásovka.
Presented by Susana Benesova & Punctum
Recordings mastered at Mustakillah Studio.


released December 13, 2018


BLACK ACID is the darkness eating us from the inside when we are not watching. Your fears you are running from. It is you. It is me.


VIDA VOJIĆ is a sound expressionist from Berlin. Vessel of unconscious secrets. Vocal manipulation/introverted beats/nostalgic ambiences/electrified outbursts.





Punctum Tapes Prague, Czechia

Punctum Tapes is a community-based archive of musical culture presented on a physical format. It is an investigation into a wide range of artists that have enriched our lives with their presence, their art captured in a live recording, and a reminder and tribute to the shared experiences these encounters have produced. ... more

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